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We at Crude Oil Brokers are dedicated crude oil buyer and seller brokers or facilitators. We are a United Kingdom and Nigerian based firm, privately owned and devoted to the oil buying and selling brokering.

Crude Oil BrokersWe work with other crude oil brokers, agents, small, medium and large companies, corporations and governments. We work fast and very hard while paying attention to detail to achieve satisfaction for both the oil buyers and sellers.

Oil Prices Going DownWe have assess to a varied number of potential crude oil buyers and genuine Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) specification, Nigerian Bonny light crude oil sellers in the industry to broker or facilitate the buying and selling of Bonny light crude oil. We also have access to sellers of petroleum products such as D2 Diesel, JP54 Jet Fuel, Mazut, Gasoil, Gasoline and more.

Oil Well In NigeriaWe work with end-buyers, buyer's mandates or intermediary facilitators of reputable and willing crude oil buyers or refineries that have the available funds to purchase Nigerian Bonny Light Crude oil and petroleum products.

If you are a buyer or seller of Nigerian bonny light crude oil or buyer of petroleum products and need our services, please use the numbers or email below to contact us;


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High Sea Oil Rig

ONS ‘14: Improved oil recovery will always support the last NCS fields

STAVANGER, Norway — Although improved oil recovery (IOR) has already made a lot of history on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), there is still huge potential for additional production being added through IOR activities. This is why companies and the government, alike, are vesting significant time and money, working together to achieve even greater results…» Crude Oil Brokers

Crude Oil Tanker At sea

ONS ‘14: ADNOC strives for 70% ROR as part of production plan

STAVANGER, Norway — Abu Dhabi’s state-owned company, ADNOC, has set itself the ambitious goal of more than doubling the rate of recovery (ROR) for its producing assets, from 30% to 70%. It is not a wonder that R&D and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) are very high on ADNOC’s agenda these days. Given that this region accounts for about 7% of global oil resources, there is clearly a huge potential for Crude Oil Brokers

MicroSeismic announces FracRx

HOUSTON — MicroSeismic has announced the release of its latest technology, FracRx, a proprietary service which allows operators to increase asset values by optimizing the treatment of each well. The FracRx service integrates microseismic data with an operator’s pump and geological data to track the growth of the fracture network in all directions and determine how the cumulative fracture area Crude Oil Brokers

Oil Well

ONS ‘14: The opportunity for enhancing recovery is now, says BP exec

“Norway has stated a goal of reaching a recovery rate of close to 50%. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) can help get this figure higher, and now is the time to do it,” said Trevor Garlick, regional president of BP North Sea, while addressing a Tuesday morning ONS crowd. “Let us not waste what has been found. It is a matter of extending the life of a field.”..» Crude Oil Brokers